Being Beautifully Honest

I created The Being Beautifully Honest Podcast in 2017. Initially this podcast was to share the good the bad and the ugly truths that I have seen and experienced in the Beauty Industry. But I decided to change course with this podcast to talk about some of the things I engage in and discuss with many of my beauty guests on a very regular basis, and that's other people's business LOL! But seriously, news and pop culture is what most of us discuss regularly and I enjoy it.

So I wanted to put a spin on it, not just reporting gossip but sharing my views on the topics that are out there, being beautifully honest about it.​

So I created an outlet to speak on the good, the bad and ugly truths that exist in our world today, whether it is topics on the social media outlets, life issues, entertainment, religion, politics and hot topics.

More content to listen to and watch can be found on the Youtube channel, Being Beautifully Honest, so be sure to subscribe there as well!

Recent Episodes​

The Being Beautifully Honest Podcast is an outlet where I share my views on topics that are public, and am beaituflly honest about it. Join the Honest Beauties over on Youtube and share your thoughts in the comments section, subscribe to the channel, and share with others! We have fun talking about reality tv, entertainment news stories, some political BS and some religious topics that are just too ridiculous! Sometimes we get a little deep and intellectual, but this is just a place where I have found an outlet that helps me get through some of dark times I have had in my life to be able to connect with others on topics that we all have heard about, can relate to, or are so far removed from we discuss it like Chile, are they serious?! ​